Text Protocol

Workerman defines a text protocol called "text", with the format of the protocol being message+newline, which means adding a newline at the end of each message to indicate the end of the package.

For example, the following buffer1 and buffer2 strings conform to the text protocol:

// Text plus a carriage return
$buffer1 = 'abcdefghijklmn
// In PHP, \n in double quotes represents a newline character, for example, "\n"
$buffer2 = '{"type":"say", "content":"hello"}'."\n";

// Establish a socket connection with the server
$client = stream_socket_client('tcp://');
// Send buffer1 data using the text protocol
fwrite($client, $buffer1);
// Send buffer2 data using the text protocol
fwrite($client, $buffer2);

The text protocol is very simple and easy to use. If developers need their own protocol, such as transmitting data to a mobile app or communicating with hardware, they can consider using the text protocol, which is very convenient for development and debugging.

Text Protocol Debugging
The text protocol can be debugged using a telnet client. For example, in the following example:

Create a new file test.php

require_once __DIR__ . '/Workerman/Autoloader.php';
use Workerman\Worker;

$text_worker = new Worker("text://");

$text_worker->onMessage =  function($connection, $data)
    $connection->send("hello world");


Run php test.php start and the output will be as follows:

php test.php start
Workerman[test.php] start in DEBUG mode
----------------------- WORKERMAN -----------------------------
Workerman version:3.2.7          PHP version:5.4.37
------------------------ WORKERS -------------------------------
user          worker        listen                         processes status
root          none          myTextProtocol://   1         [OK]
Press Ctrl-C to quit. Start success.

Open a new terminal and use telnet to test (recommended to use the telnet of a Linux system).

Assuming it is a local test,
Run telnet 5678 in the terminal
Then enter 'hi' and press enter
Data 'hello world' followed by a newline will be received

telnet 5678
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
hello world