The ws protocol

At present, the ws protocol version of Workerman is 13.

Workerman can act as a client to initiate a websocket connection through the ws protocol, connecting to a remote websocket server to achieve two-way communication.

The ws protocol can only be used as a client through AsyncTcpConnection and cannot be used as a websocket server listening protocol. This means that the following code is incorrect.

$worker = new Worker('ws://');

If you want to use Workerman as a websocket server, please use the websocket protocol.

Example of ws as a websocket client protocol:

require_once __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';

use Workerman\Protocols\Ws;
use Workerman\Worker;
use Workerman\Connection\AsyncTcpConnection;

$worker = new Worker();
// When the process starts
$worker->onWorkerStart = function()
    // Connect to a remote websocket server using the websocket protocol
    $ws_connection = new AsyncTcpConnection("ws://");
    // Send a websocket heartbeat with opcode 0x9 to the server every 55 seconds (optional)
    $ws_connection->websocketPingInterval = 55;
    // Set HTTP headers (optional)
    $ws_connection->headers = [
        'Cookie' => 'PHPSID=82u98fjhakfusuanfnahfi; token=2hf9a929jhfihaf9i',
        'OtherKey' => 'values'
    // Set the data type (optional)
    $ws_connection->websocketType = Ws::BINARY_TYPE_BLOB; // BINARY_TYPE_BLOB for text, BINARY_TYPE_ARRAYBUFFER for binary
    // After TCP three-way handshake is complete (optional)
    $ws_connection->onConnect = function($connection){
        echo "tcp connected\n";
    // After websocket handshake is complete (optional)
    $ws_connection->onWebSocketConnect = function(AsyncTcpConnection $con, $response) {
        echo $response;
    // When a message is received from the remote websocket server
    $ws_connection->onMessage = function($connection, $data){
        echo "recv: $data\n";
    // When an error occurs in the connection, usually a failure to connect to the remote websocket server (optional)
    $ws_connection->onError = function($connection, $code, $msg){
        echo "error: $msg\n";
    // When the connection to the remote websocket server is closed (optional, it is recommended to include reconnection)
    $ws_connection->onClose = function($connection){
        echo "connection closed and try to reconnect\n";
        // If the connection is closed, reconnect after 1 second
    // After setting up the various callbacks above, initiate the connection operation

For more information, refer to Using ws/wss as the client.