Start and Stop

Please note that Workerman start and stop commands are executed in the command line.

To start Workerman, you first need an entry file that defines the port and protocol for the service to listen on. You can refer to the Getting Started - Simple Development Example for more information.

Using workerman-chat as an example, its entry point is start.php.


Start in debug mode

php start.php start

Start in daemon mode

php start.php start -d


php start.php stop


php start.php restart

Graceful Restart

php start.php reload

View Status

php start.php status

View Connection Status (requires Workerman version >=3.5.0)

php start.php connections

Difference between debug and daemon modes

  1. When started in debug mode, echo, var_dump, print and similar output functions in the code will be printed directly to the terminal.

  2. When started in daemon mode, echo, var_dump, print and similar output will be redirected by default to the /dev/null file. This behavior can be changed by setting Worker::$stdoutFile = '/your/path/file'; to specify the file path.

  3. When started in debug mode, Workerman will shut down and exit when the terminal is closed.

  4. When started in daemon mode, Workerman will continue to run in the background even after the terminal is closed.

What is Graceful Restart?

Please refer to Graceful Restart Principle.